Pinky Twins

“Ms. Gery! Your pinkies are just like mine! We’re pinky twins!”

I offered him a high five to celebrate, but he very solemnly requested a “pinkie five” instead. And then I spent the rest of the day thinking about Joey. Maybe I should write a song.


Oh, really?!

Yeah huh...

We were reviewing sentence types, when we came across a sentence that said something about a miniature horse being roughly the same size as a very large dog.

“But Ms. Gery,” she piped up, “that’s not possible!”

It took me all of ten seconds to project this picture in response. 😉

(The Paint with the Mariah Carey mane  is Flash, and you can barely see Lily the Filly behind him. The handler is my former FIL. And the handsome dog, of course, is the Woz.)

For the Love of Peter

For the Love of Peter

When the mimeopad wasn’t working right the other day I mumbled under my breath “Oh, for the love of Pete!”

I had to smile at what I heard next:

“Wait, Ms. Gery… are you in love with Peter Pan?!”

I have no idea how their minds make these connections, but I haven’t been able to get this line out of my head since then… I find myself thinking constantly of the man some part of me will always love, in that place between sleep and awake.