Numbering the Stars: A Truly Humble Man

Numbering the Stars: A Truly Humble Man

A good friend, who was one of my favorite people in the world, recently died. I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately, and the lessons he taught me in the few years we knew each other, the greatest of which was what humility looks like.

I am so thankful for my friend, the best example of true humility I have ever met, and for the irrevocable benefits he brought to my life.

Thank you, Bishop Jones. Rest well.


Words Mean Things, part one: Aww vs. Awe

Okay, world (read: Facebook users):

Let’s clear something up, because I can’t take it anymore and it’s RUINING the cute puppies and kittens for me!

This is “aww“: Image

Aww” is not a word. It is the sound you make when something is too adorable for any intelligent words to find their way out of your mouth. Cute babies of all species, mostly.

And this is “awe“:


Awe” is a word that describes the feeling you have when you look upon something that is AWEsome, or leaves you AWEstruck. This picture of the Northern Lights in Canada, for example.

Let’s practice.

Cute puppy?



Sistine Chapel?



Final Exam: 


Aww,” Awe

Now, go forth and re-post. 🙂