It’s okay… I’m still alive

I haven’t blogged in ages. I simply have not been able to bring myself to write. I’ll explain why in another post. But I’m not dead yet. In fact, I think I’ll go for a walk. 😉 Don’t give up hope, dear readers. I shall return.


Numbering the Stars: Cat Pillows

Each night, as we walk under the starry sky, my dog Ozzie and I like to count off one blessing for every star we find. Sometimes, I share those newly named stars here.

Numbering the Stars: Cat Pillows

This evening as I’m getting ready for bed I’m dragging in my tuxedo-cat, because he makes the best cat pillow ever. Waking up with a purring bundle of fluff under my chin is not the worst reveille ever, that’s for sure. 🙂

Privacy for me, Password for you

Privacy is a good thing. Every now and then, a post here containing sensitive or personal information will be password-protected. If you’d like the password so you’re not left out of the loop, just send me an email, and I’ll get it to you. (If you’re a family member and you remember the name of my mom’s favorite teacher, just capitalize the first letter and you’re all set.) Otherwise, feel free to ask.

Thanks for reading!

Numbering the Stars: General Conference

Each night during our walk, my dog Ozzie and I number the stars, and each star is like counting off a blessing or message from Father. I like to record them here.

Today, after a crummy day at school, I needed inspiration. I found it in this message. Enjoy.

Of Regrets and Resolutions, President Uchtdorf

I’m so thankful for the leaders of my Church and their regular messages of faith.

Happiness is a Way of Travel
This thought came to mind while listening to President Uchtdorf’s talk.

The One in Which I Was Commanded

I have a friend who writes a great blog called Something Undone. I’ve enjoyed reading it for many moons now, and one of the reasons for that is his dedication. He writes at least one post every day, even if that post is only a small, relatively routine update on the comings and goings of his little family.

Andrew’s blog, combined with multiple Priesthood blessings that have encouraged, urged, and finally, commanded me to keep a “daily record of my comings and goings” inspired this post, and the daily updates to follow. Because I’m a writer, and a rather verbose one at that, I plan to periodically add deeper, more engaging content as often as possible as well.

Stayin’ Alive

Hello out there! 

There’s a real post bumping around in my head, but until it forms completely, I figured I’d send out some smoke signals. I’m alive…. and I still love my job. I don’t love my air mattress or my alarm clock, but I do love my job. And, miracle of miracles, Yuma is starting to cool down! They said it would happen, but I didn’t believe it. Most days don’t get past 106 anymore! 😉 

The real post is coming. I can’t tell you much about it, but I can tell you that it involves my Gramma and her bicycle.