A little about me…

28 Random Facts about me:

1. I’m excellent at making 3 dishes: pasta salad, homemade chicken noodle soup, and German chocolate cake. Anything else is a crap shoot.

2. I love big dogs. I have a thing for Great Danes and Great Pyrenees, and who doesn’t love a St. Bernard?

3. I once performed a clarinet piece in a French castle on Thanksgiving.

4. My favorite roller coaster of all time is the Blue Streak at Cedar Point, but I love them all.

5. I’m a sleepaholic–always have been.

6. I taught myself to knit using two ballpoint pens. That experiment did not go well, but now I’m an excellent knitter.

7. I speak fluent French now, but as a kid, my sisters and I invented a really stupid secret language.

8. I love horses, and I can ride a little, but I’m allergic to them, so I get all hivey. It’s worth it.

9. I once panhandled in the square at the Louvre in Paris. I didn’t make much, but I had a blast.

10. I can drive stick shift and parallel park like nobody’s business.

11. Sometimes I speak in song lyrics and movie lines. I come by it honestly–it’s a trait I inherited from my mother.

12. I can throw a pretty good spiral, but not very far.

13. I have a serious crush on Clint Eastwood.

14. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a ballerina or a semi-truck driver. Or both. Today, I’m neither.

15. I am a child of God. I’ve had a crazy life with lots of ups and downs, but that knowledge has been a constant.

16. I have always been very receptive to the Spirit, and inspiration has directly helped me many times during my life.

17. I love children, and it seems that there is no greater compliment than when children love you back.

18. I’m the oldest of 5 girls. My youngest sister just turned 20, which makes me feel really old. 😦

19. I love to plan and make lists. I was the only middle-schooler around with a Franklin Planner.

20. I love shoes, and I have way too many. My favorites are satin pumps and flats that slip on, because…

21. I hate socks. I can’t stand the way they fit my feet, and I try to avoid wearing them as much as possible.

22. I am obsessed with my niece, K. She is my BFF. I was her nanny from 6 weeks old until 18 months, so I’m like her second mother, and I hope she’ll always think of me that way. Also, she’s the most adorable kid in the universe.

23. I love to help people, and I would do anything for the people I love, but I’m also the type to stop for someone with car trouble and help old ladies cross the street.

24. I once picked up a hitch-hiker, and I didn’t even end up murdered! 😉

25. I absolutely LOVE to read, and I always have. When I was a little girl, I would always bring a book in the car, and when it got dark, I’d read a sentence or two as we passed under each street light… like I said, I LOVE to read.

26. I adore French cheese– the smellier the better. Rochefort is my current favorite.

27. I once ran most of a marathon, before I gave in to a nasty knee injury.

28. I’m a bit of a Grammar Nazi, but I’ll try really hard not to critique yours.

Your turn!




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