Statistics and Depression are Both Liars!

I’ve been gone for awhile, because I’ve been hiding under the sheets of my very uncomfortable bed, trying to forget my own existence. Depression sucks. And it also lies. I’m still working on emerging full-time from my sheet cocoon. I am, like the song, in repair.

While I’m repairing, I want to share some statistics that I find interesting.

First, this: 10 Worst Cities for Singles

Kiplinger listed Yuma, Arizona, as the worst city to be single in the U.S. This is an old article; I read it while I still lived in Ohio. And yet I, fresh from a divorce, still chose to move here. Huh.

Next: Unemployment Rates for Metropolitan Areas Monthly Rankings (Not Seasonally Adjusted) July 2013

With an unemployment rate of 34.5% in July of this year, Yuma is the worst city for job seekers in the U.S. And I chose to stay here even after leaving my job. Double huh.

I should be fleeing for my life, except for one thought: Charming. Had I not moved to the worst city for singles in the entire country, I would never have met him. I came to Yuma prayerfully. I made this journey on purpose. I don’t know if I’ll stay here forever– probably not– but I do know that I came here, to the worst city in the country for both dates and jobs, for a reason, and so far, I’m beating the odds on one side of the battleground, anyway.


It may not make sense to most people, and I certainly have my fretful moments (the most recent one just happens to have lasted about a month), but having once proved that I can opt out of my proper statistical place, I guess I’ll stay and keep pounding the pavement. Wish me luck!


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