Numbering the Stars: My Overprotective Protector

Each night, while my dog Ozzie and I walk, we like to count the stars. Each star represents a blessing, and I like to share them here. 

I live alone. I have great neighbors and a safe neighborhood, but still, I live alone.

Back in Ohio, when my ex and I moved so far out into the country that no one would have heard my screams, he worked the night shift, so I was all alone at night. That was the catalyst behind my search for a very big dog with a very scary bark, and when I found Ozzie, I hit the jackpot.

Puppy mug shot
Puppy Protector

He’s a Great Pyrenees mix, so he’s bred to guard and protect, and that’s exactly what he does. All. the. time. He protects me, his cat, the truck, the patio, the tree in front of the patio, the apartment complex in general… you get the idea.

Guarding the camera
Guarding the camera

Mostly, he protects the apartment from anyone who might be thinking of looking at it for too long, and lately, from my water glass. I can’t take a drink and set down my glass without the resulting clink setting off a chain of barks… and I’m getting dehydrated!

Guarding the boyfriend
Guarding the boyfriend


Still, I’m grateful to have such a good protector. I’m grateful to have such a good protector. I’m grateful to have such a good protector. (I may have to repeat that a few more times, because I just had the audacity to fill a glass with ice water. Either that, or don some earplugs.) 



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