Numbering the Stars: Good Man, Good Moms

If Euripides was right, and you can judge a man by the company he keeps, than I have found a keeper. (Pardon the pun; I couldn’t resist.)

One of my favorite parts of this summer has been getting to know the people Charming calls “Mom.” There are lots. He has told me that it’s a respectful way to refer to one’s female elders in his culture, which explains the epithet, but not the sentiment. I wondered at first if he wasn’t exaggerating his relationship with his many moms (I’ve still only met two of the four of whom I’m aware), but time has proved otherwise.

I’ve been able to spend lots of time with his Yuma mom and dad, who are wonderfully down-to-earth and generous people who made me feel instantly at ease, and I just had the privilege of spending a few days with his school mom, who could very easily be my own mother’s best friend, she’s that cool. (Mom, meet Carmen, Carmen, meet Wendy. You’re welcome.) 

The love and respect these adopted parents have for their son, and he for them, oozes in every word and action. The man really does have a whole momma collection!

625421_10153071877740125_166258265_n(Charming and his school mom, Carmen.)

I’m smiling big knowing that caring about Charming as I do puts me in good company, since I have yet to meet one of his friends (moms and otherwise) who I wouldn’t like to call my friend as well. 😀




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