Remember Me?

Distant view of Sierra Vista from Fort Huachuca

It’s been ages; I’m officially the world’s worst blogger. I’m hanging my head in shame even as I type. (Figuratively, of course, or else you’d be trying to decipher something like this: “ghaejrfar0fuafakljf”, which doesn’t make any sense and might even be vaguely offensive in some cultures.) 

I do have a reason for my sabbatical– a couple of them, actually. My super-wonderful Momma came to visit me from Ohio, and I had an awesome week with her. Remind me, dear readers, to tell you about…

  • My new favorite hotel
  • The ghostly adventures we weren’t supposed to have
  • My version of Meet the Parents (minus Ben Stiller— I sent an invite but never got a response.)
  • The Grand Canyon in 30 seconds or less (comparatively)

After I dropped her off at the Phoenix airport, Charming and I headed to visit his “School Mom” in Sierra Vista, Arizona. I’m writing from there now, because I suddenly remembered that I have a blog, and I’m sure, dear readers, that you’ve all been wandering aimlessly through life, completely disoriented and depressed without my ramblings to guide your thoughts. Charming and I are having a great time on our little vacation, and I’ll have lots to tell you about later. Don’t let me forget to fill you in on…

  • The reason The Dixie Chick’s “Wide Open Spaces” is currently playing on repeat in my head.
  • The coolest house I’ve ever seen outside of an HGTV show, and the woman who created it.
  • The snake, and other adventures with wildlife.

I promise not to be a word-tease– check in with me later for more updates, my dearest darlingest readers! (Will flattery get me somewhere in this case?)



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