Dailyish Record: I Need Fins

Charming is good for me in lots of ways. One of the things I like best about him (when I’m not grumping at him for being bossy) is that he’s always encouraging me to be better. One of his favorite platforms is fitness, and he’s been bribing me to get into shape by dangling soccer lessons in front of me. (Charming is a soccer superstar… Not that I’m biased at all or know anything about the sport…)

To get in my exercise even with my injured foot, I’ve been taking daily advantage of the pool in my complex and the fact that swimming in Yuma is like getting into a warm bath no matter the time of day. (Yesterday I swam at midnight and I swear the water was 80 degrees or so!)

I’m no Michael Phelps, but I’m getting faster and stronger every day. Now I just need some spikes for my soccer lessons!

P.S. Charming isn’t really bossy. He’s just really good at telling me what to do. 😉



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