Numbering the Stars: Sun City

Map of Arizona highlighting Yuma County
Map of Arizona highlighting Yuma County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Yuma 009
Yuma 009 (Photo credit: DiverDon)

Each night, as Ozzie and I take our pre-bed rounds, we (well–mostly me) like to count the stars and assign to each of them a blessing. I like to share those blessings here. (Ozzie would, but he’s a little lacking in the opposable thumb department.) 

A little over a year ago, I moved to the sunniest city on earth. It’s true. Yuma gets more sunny days than any other place in the world. Nine months out of the year, that sun comes with lovely temperatures and a nice breeze, and for three months, it turns into a taunting, heat-dispensing jerkface. But still– it shines.

I have discovered over the years that sunlight is really helpful in keeping my moods balanced. I need to take in some sun every day, and I need my living space to be filled with light. (My apartment is not so good for the latter, but that’s not Yuma’s fault.) Living in Yuma, even with the excruciating heat of summer, has been really beneficial for that reason, and I’m grateful for the time I’ve spent here. Besides the sun, I’ve met some wonderful people and had fantastic, ameliorating experiences left and right. And oh yeah: I’ve run up some pretty high air conditioning bills…


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