Daily Record: Heat and Future Plans

Yuma 010
Yuma 010 (Photo credit: DiverDon)

I’m getting better at this Daily Record thing. Aren’t you impressed, dear readers? I think the heat is to blame… updating my blog is another reason to stay inside. Forever. It’s hot here, folks. Seriously. HOT. (Current temp: 107 degrees Fahrenheit).

I got a note from the leasing office the other day reminding me that there are only two months left on my lease and asking me to renew. I’m grateful for the reminder, because otherwise I’m sure it would have snuck up on me (sneaked?) and I’d have had to renew out of desperation. As things stand now, I’m unsure of what I want to do. I moved to Yuma for a specific job, and now that job is over, so do I grow where I’m planted, or do I transplant myself to a better growing spot with more opportunity? Now’s the time to decide. If I left I’d most likely head to Phoenix or Tucson… so no escaping the desert heat for now, but I’d be in a much less remote locale. Decisions, decisions…

What do you think I should do, dear reader? Leave me a comment with your advice!


3 thoughts on “Daily Record: Heat and Future Plans

  1. I grew up in Chandler, it used to be considered much cooler than here, but that is no longer the case. The concrete & asphalt holds all that heat in so the cooling doesn’t happen, well unless you live on the outskirts of town. It does however have twice as much rain as Yuma does, so that is a bonus. I love the East Valley lots to do, but with that comes the lovely traffic as well.
    As for Tucson, I am sure Darby can help you out.
    Good luck on you adventures my fellow Ohioian…:)
    Take care,


    1. Chandler is a nice place– my cousin lives there. But yeah, hot. I’ll have to get Darby’s opinion on Tucson too. I guess I should probably just get used to the heat, huh? Thanks, Cheri. I hope they’re good adventures!



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