Dailyish Record: Right Place, Right Time

Charming has been helping me homeify (yep, I really did just coin that word) my apartment, starting with setting up the T.V. The television I already had is about as old as I am (25, of course) and works, sorta. You have to turn the antenna just so and bang on the top every five minutes, and buy about a million adapters and cord splitters so that you can create a functional rat’s nest behind the media stand, but it works. So I–being sensible, frugal, and a woman–would not have thought to replace it.

Charming, on the other hand, after spending hours trying to set it up for cable and the DVD player and HDMI, mildly suggested (by way of dragging me to the store every hour to buy more adapters) that I look for a replacement. I checked Craigslist and didn’t find what I wanted, so he and I set out to look in area pawn shops that evening, but didn’t realize that they all closed at seven.

In a last-ditch attempt to make our fruitless drive around town a success (gas is EXPENSIVE), we stopped at a Goodwill, not hoping for much, and were about to walk out when what should I spy with my little eye??? This beauty: Image

It was just sitting on the counter, because someone had literally JUST dropped it off before we walked in. They hadn’t tested it or priced it yet, and apparently no one had asked about it as enthusiastically as we did. I asked the sales guy how much it would be, fully prepared to pay $50.00 or so, and he said, and I quote: “We usually charge 99 cents for T.V.s, but this one is really nice, so I’ll give it to you for $1.99.” !!! I had to confirm the price a couple of times because I couldn’t believe my luck, and Charming seemed blown away by the fact that it came with a remote (“They even left the batteries… I couldn’t buy a pack of batteries for $1.99!”).

We loaded all 30″ of television goodness into my truck and sped off before they could change their minds, and now I have a lovely and very gently used T.V. sitting in my living room. Anyone want to come over for movie night? Popcorn’s on me!


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