I Smile, Therefore I Live


I’m alive; I swear! I’ve been AWOL lately because I’ve had lots of fun things to do. Here’s what’s been going on:


1. Esperanza returned home. And then left again. (Detailed post to follow.)


2. Bailey, my friend Caroline’s dog, is staying with us for two weeks. Oz is thrilled and delighted.


3. I did something vicious to my foot, and it’s swollen up to another shoe size. I’m fearing it might be permanent.


4. I nearly burned the house down trying to make shishkabobs with the broiler. That’s what I get for showing off, I guess.


5. I found a job I’d LOVE, and I’ve been obsessing over perfecting the resume. Keep your fingers crossed.


6. It’s hot here. Really, really, really hot. Oz and I have been doing lots of swimming at the lake.


7. I got my vacuum back, finally, and then nearly lost it at a car wash (I’ll blog about that later too). I haven’t tested it out yet, but I’m sure it will be perfecto!


8. My mom has finalized her plans to come visit me next month, and I could not be more excited! Well… maybe if she was bringing a million dollars in her suitcase…


9. I found out today that Nelson Mandela is “the president of Africa, or something.” (Yikes. I held my tongue, but only barely. Proud?)English: Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg, Gaute...



10. There is a man, who shall henceforth be referred to as “Charming.” He lives up to the hype, believe me. 😉 (He may or may not be the root cause of all the smiling; I’ll never tell.) 




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