Numbering the Stars: Freon and Sunsets

Each night, as we walk under the starry sky, my dog Ozzie and I like to count off one blessing for every star we find. Sometimes, I share those newly named stars here.

I had a great day today, world! It started out with a still-asleep conversation with the Smile Maker (too corny?), and just stayed awesome. I finally got the AC fixed in my truck, which was MUCH less expensive than I’d feared, so driving around Yuma was no longer physically painful. Huzzah!

After running a bunch of errands and continuing on my mission to make my poor dog look utterly ridiculous by slowly hacking away at his mounds and mounds of fur, I decided we needed a trip to the lake. I picked up a great friend who I haven’t seen in ages (two first-year teachers does not a fantastically social combo make), and we drove out– in my newly air conditioned truck!!– to Mittry Lake.

We found the best spot ever, and got there just in time to watch a beautiful sunset from start to finish. The water was cool but not cold, the lake belonged to us alone, and the surroundings could probably have been more gorgeous, but they’d have had to try REALLY hard. We were even serenaded by a chorus of bullfrogs. (Or something. Are there bullfrogs in Arizona?) It was one of those evenings that reminds me of this song: 

And what could top off the night to perfection but a walk with my Woz under a sky full (for Yuma,anyway) of stars? Tonight, as I say my prayers and pour my tired body into a cozy, pillow-crowded bed, I’m feeling very loved, by family and friends both Earthside and Heavenside. I can’t think of a better way to fall asleep.


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