The One in Which My Bluff was Called

In the middle of a phone call today, I found a tick on my dog. I immediately hung up to remove the tick and search for any more, and then called back. My swagger was practically audible.

“Sorry about that. Just had to remove a tick. I’m kind of a tick-removal pro…”

This led to a discussion of my other strengths as a not-so-squeamish tour de force, while I ever so subtly alluded to my ability to pull hair clogs from the drain barehanded without so much as flinching, scoop up the dog’s ample poop armed with nothing but a thin plastic bag, and even kill spiders.

“Spiders? In my culture, we just fry them up and eat them for dinner!” I’m reasonably sure my shudder of disgust was audible, even over the hearty laughter coming from the other end of the line… “I’m just kidding!”

I’m not sure my street cred will ever fully recover. It’s a good thing I’m pretty…




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