The One in Which I am Flawed

Once upon a time, someone I trusted and loved deeply described me as “one huge character flaw.” For awhile, that broke me, because I believed him. I internalized that hatred, and used it to continually flog myself. For a long time, I would hear that refrain in my head whenever I had a bad day, or week, or month. I hated myself, because every screw-up was just proof that he’d been right. Only now, with the benefit of a little distance and LOTS of time, do I feel more like this: Image

Yep. I’m flawed– maybe my flawed parts even outnumber my perfect parts.  But I mean well, and maybe, just maybe, I’m okay the way I am.


4 thoughts on “The One in Which I am Flawed

  1. We all have flaws, we all work on making them better,we all would like to achieve perfection,if not in this life then the next. The “him” you should have listened to is your Heavenly Father.He knows our flaws better than we do and stands by us always to help us repair damaged goods,After all,He is the Father some of us never had!


      1. After living for 82 yrs, I should have learned a thing or two. I want you to know as I wrote the last part of the message I sat here and fell apart,realizing how much this applied to me! I love you too. Also I want you to notice that I used the word “to” 3 different times and they are all spelled correctly.Ha ha..


        1. I’m very proud of your homophone-wrangling skills, Gramma! I think your message applies to all of us, no matter our earthly parentage. And you and I are both particularly lucky in that we have had the benefit of amazing grandparents. 🙂 Love you!



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