Numbering the Stars: Seesters

Each night, as we walk under the starry sky, my dog Ozzie and I like to count off one blessing for every star we find. Sometimes, I share those newly named stars here.

There’s something pretty neat that happens when you welcome someone new into your life: you get to introduce all of your old someones. I had the privilege of e-sharing my family today, and I might just be feeling a little homesick after yammering for hours about how awesome they are. So seesters, in case you were wondering, this is how I depict you to those who have not yet been blessed to make your collective acquaintance.

all sistersI start with this lovely group shot, explained thusly: I’m the pale ghost in pink, Kelsey is the one who never changed out of track clothes (ever), Allison is the one with the necklace that never died, Bethany is the one with the fashion sense, and Emily is the one who needed a bobby pin. (And I’m sitting on that couch as we speak… crazy, no?)

In order to give the correct sense of life with my girls, I absolutely MUST mention:

  • Em’s and Bethie’s particular brand of torture for any testosterone-possessing visitors to our house (it’s a wonder poor Andy kept coming back):


  • Alli’s antics (this one just happened to take place in a parade, but more often than not, those same antics were displayed in the living room, bathroom, front lawn, you name it.)


  • And Kelsey’s inability to ever have a piece of furniture to herself, even in sleep: kels readingme and kels

kels and piggy

But I also can’t refrain from sharing pictures and stories of my beautiful, intelligent, adult seesters and friends (and the angel-baby, who really needs to come visit her favorite aunt in Arizona…)

  • Ems

12574_10151214247663005_1260366638_n (1)

  • Bethbethany
  • Allialli pink
  • Kels, and K babe


Tap, tap, girlies. I miss you.

PS– in case you haven’t clicked the link and watched the Strongbad video in the fifty or so opportunities I’ve given you so far… let me make it easy. Click this:



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