Daily Record: Invention’s Crazy Aunt

Muffin pan
Muffin pan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If necessity is the mother of invention, then I think that laziness must be invention’s crazy aunt… you know the one. She comes by on random Tuesdays with sombreros for everyone and whole cases of bubblegum and takes you on a two hour journey to the nearest amusement park just to ride the teacups, and then ends up making the yummiest, most filling muffins you can imagine. (That last part may be a one-time thing.)

Aunt Lazy came to visit my house tonight. I had a box of Jiffy corn muffin mix, and a yen for muffins, but no eggs. I live less than two miles from the store, but I had a major problem… I’d already changed into jammies. Once the jammies go on, they’re not coming off, so it was time for an invention. Out of my moment of dire need came the yummiest muffins ever to fill my tins… They’re practically creamy, and a perfect balance of sweet and savory. Here’s the recipe, Aunt Lazy style:

1 box Jiffy corn muffin mix

twice the milk called for on the box (2/3 cup, I think)

about 4 oz. cream cheese (my egg substitute– just crazy enough to work)

a smudge of Herbes de Provence (the best spice mix ever. EVER, I say!)

Mix according to directions and bake at 400 for 25ish minutes. (I’m very into exact measurements and timing, as you can tell.)

‘Twas delish. If I weren’t still hanging out with Aunt Lazy, I’d snap a picture for you. Just close your eyes and imagine yumminess personified. (muff-onified?)

In other news today: 

1. The dog learned how to open the front door and nearly convinced me I had a ghost.

2. I attempted (and failed) to understand soccer with Spanish commentary.

3. I finally filed my taxes. (Thank heavens for extensions!) 

4. I spent a lot of time contemplating the advantages of dating someone who is smarter than I am. (There are many to contemplate, and yes, it’s possible. I’ll give you a minute to recover from your wrinkled brain.)

5. Still no Esperanza. Took another look around the Humane Society and managed, for the second time running, to come home without fifty adorable strays in my truck. Self-control at its finest, ladies and gents.



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