Dailyish Record: I think my negotiation skills need work


Today was one of those days when the to-do list has lots of unchecked items at the end of the day, even though I was busy all day. Here’s the breakdown:


1. Force fed the little dog her pills.


2. Little dog’s bladder is starting to heal, so little dog is having more accidents. Cleaned up two today, despite going outside every half an hour.


3. Tried to vacuum. No suction. Took apart vacuum, removed clogs. Still no suction. Troubleshooted with Dyson online. No luck. Troubleshooted with Dyson over the phone. Even less luck. Found broken seal. Scheduled repair appointment. (2-3 weeks… are you kidding me?!)


4. Tried to locate temporary replacement vacuum. Found one. Will not die a dust-bunny-induced death while Dyson self-indulges at vacuum spa. Wallet might hunger strike.


5. Tried to set up oil change appointment; needed confirmation email for online payment.


6. Tried to pull up email on phone. Angered phone. (“Who dares to disturb the great and powerful Android?!”)


7. Told phone to man up and follow directions. Bad idea. Phone died out of spite.


8. Could have grown a mustache in the time it took to pacify phone. Promised first-born child. Phone begrudgingly agreed to resume normal duties, in return for a 10% raise and company car.


9. Helped Caroline move. Missionaries rocked it. Yuma sun boiled it.


10. Collapsed into sleep so deep it could only have been brought on by an intense combination of heat exhaustion, vacuum dust, and phone voodoo.



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