Numbering the Stars: Good Friends and Good Skies

Numbering the Stars: Good Friends and Good SkiesEach night, as we walk under the starry sky, my dog Ozzie and I like to count off one blessing for every star we find. Sometimes, I share those newly named stars here.

Tonight I got to chat with Aaron, a longtime friend who has the good fortune to live in rural Ohio. He knows how much a sky full of stars to number means to me, and he told me he was photographing them tonight, but hadn’t had much success.

I expressed how jealous I was that he even had good stars to photograph, and because he’s awesome and super sweet, he rushed outside to capture some for me. That’s how we ended up with this great picture. Isn’t it beautiful?

Now you know, dear non-Ohio readers, why I’m so obsessed with real stars. After you’ve seen a night like this, nothing comes close. And after you’ve gained a friend like Aaron, well, then you’re REALLY blessed.

Thank you, Aaron, for the picture. I’m so glad I can still spend the night stargazing. I’m even more glad to have friends like you.



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