Gut Check

Isn’t it amazing how everything can be completely fine and breezy, and then one little thing can stop your breath and sicken your stomach?

I have to say… I’m tempted to become a psychologist just to better understand the inner workings of my crazy head. The years of schooling and crippling debt would almost be worth it. Because things that I’m fine with… have been fine with for ages… are now forcing tears. I would really really REALLY like my head to just take a vacation from the tangled mess of emotion, memories, and angst it’s been occupied with lately, but every time I think I’m solidly focused on something realistic and timely and grown-up… a piece of my past comes flying out of the middle of the road and knocks the wind right out of me. Not cool, Robert Frost! (Kid President may or may not have just pep-talked me.)

In completely unrelated news, it appears that my ex-husband is dating. This is fine. We’ve been divorced for over a year and are still friends, he’s been completely respectful, and I’ve dated too. So it’s fine. But still. Gut check. In more completely unrelated news, I need ice cream and a chick flick, please, stat. (Homemade Brand Cherry Cordial and Meg or Julia or Kate should work just fine.)


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