An Overdue Update on Esperanza the Wonder Dog

I haven’t posted anything about the little dog lately, but she’s doing amazingly. She stands and even limps around, never showing any pain, even though she strongly favors the leg that broke and her back half in general.

She seems to be housebroken, though she has the occasional accident. I can’t determine whether her bladder was injured when she was run over or if she’s just really old. The vet can’t tell her age for sure, so all we know is that she’s old enough to have had puppies but not young enough to have done so recently.

She continues to be the sweetest, least-complaining patient ever… except when it’s pain pill time, and then she tries to bite my fingers off. Lately, I’ve taken that as a sign that she doesn’t need the pills as frequently. My fingers and I feel like that’s a wise decision. 😉

Over the next couple of weeks the plan is to get her updated on vaccinations, dewormed, spayed, and all that good stuff. Once I’m sure she’s not going to bring down a canine plague upon my house, I’ll socialize her with my boys. In the meantime, I’m looking for an adopting family. Know of anyone who wants a wonder dog?


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