I recently lost a dear friend to a complicated misunderstanding, and I’m sad. it’s been a while now, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around the loss, because the whole concept is ludacris to me. I really don’t understand the compulsion to cut someone out of your life– I still talk several times a week to my ex husband, whom I consider a close friend, and knowing us, I can’t really imagine that situation evolving differently.

Many many moons ago, I did break up with a friend, and I’ve always counted that among my biggest regrets. Since that mistake, I’ve done away with the practice altogether. I just keep people. Does that make me a people hoarder? Maybe. Do I care? Nope. Not even a little bit. Should I?

What do you think, readers? Can you have too many friends? Are some friendships meant to be temporary? Would you ever dump a friend?


4 thoughts on “:(

  1. It depends on whether this “friend” was really a friend or disguised as a friend.If you want to repair this friendship you can ask her forgiveness and if she rejects that,although sad for you,you can know you’ve done the right thing and move on.


    1. Gramma, you’re right. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything I can apologize for. I didn’t commit the offense he thinks I did. I think you’re right though. I’ll ask for forgiveness anyway, and go from there. But I’m still sad. 😦


  2. This Jean person has a good point. I have dumped many friends. Some I’ve regretted, some not at all. In 7th grade my group of “friends” kept me as their jester. I was the fool they kept around for a laugh, but when I wasn’t wanted I was dismissed like a servant. I knew no one deserved such treatment, so I let them all go. I was nearly friendless for a while but I had my self worth. Recently, I broke contact with the friend that introduced me to Ang, because she stole from us. And many times, friendships have dissolved gradually, and I let it happen because not everyone you meet will be with you forever. Some relationships teach you or give you experience and memories to retrieve occasionally, but are just not practical to continue. Perhaps you will meet again and pick up where you left off, but your life is only yours, and theirs is just theirs. People help you along the way, but can not be an added appendage. I have thought about friends and their roles a lot. Everyone is selfish. We will all do what’s best for us. You can’t take someone’s selfishness personally, just do what you’ve gotta do for you.


    1. Who were you friends with in 7th grade, Alli? Sounds like they were the fools.

      I have plenty of friendships that have “dissolved gradually,” as you say (beautifully put, btw), but that feels different to me, because even though I might not be close to those people anymore, we still have mutual good feelings, and in a lot of cases the friendship could pick right back up. I wish this would end the same way, if it has to end, but what you say about people being inherently selfish is true. In the end, we do what we feel is needed to take care of us. I just don’t know that for me personally, that’s ever resulted in killing a friendship, except for the infamous Brandon, and I have regretted those actions ever since then.

      You write beautifully, by the way, sister. I like it when you comment.



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