Esperanza the Wonder Dog

Several weeks ago, I tried in vain to save a stray dog from getting hit by a car. (Read about it here.) In fact, I failed so badly that she got hit twice. I thought for sure she would die, but I’ve been trying my best to keep that from happening. Today, she amazed me.

Esperanza the Wonder Dog is doing so well it’s nearly unbelievable. She has been slowly healing, and I’ve rejoiced as her appetite and thirst returned, as her surface wounds healed, and as she made efforts to stand. (Read about it here.)

Today, though, she blew me away. She’s been staying in an extra-large dog crate in my closet, since I don’t know the state of her vaccinations. Each morning before work I give her a pain pill and then take her dish out to the dog food bin to refill. Each morning thus far, I’ve left the crate door open as I do so, certain that she’s not going to try to escape.

Until this morning. This morning, while refilling her water, I heard a funny huffing sound, and turned the corner to see her walk-hopping out of the closet, determined to make friends with Ozzie!!! I can’t believe the strength in this little tail-wagging package; she’ll be ready for a new home in no time! (Speaking of… does anyone want a Wonder Dog?)



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