Daily Record: Lockdown

Today, this happened.


“Students from Salida Del Sol Elementary School, 910 S. Avenue C, are evacuated to the schools cafeteria by armed police officers Tuesday morning after three schools went into lockdown. Salida Del Sol, Ranch Viejo Elementary, 1020 S. Avenue C, and WACOG Preschool, 930 S. Avenue C were placed on lockdown after Yuma police responded to a call of a student possibly armed with a gun at Rancho Viejo Elementary School.” 

The schools that went on lockdown were in our district, but there was no threat to the middle school. During 8th period the principal came on the loudspeaker to announce that the buses would be late, so students would be held after the bell until they arrived. No reason was given in order to limit panic, but the buses were busy evacuating the elementary students. We only had to keep ours for about ten minutes.

I’ve never experienced a lockdown, either as a student or a teacher. Thankfully, this was a false alarm as no gun was found and no one was hurt. I’m proud of the way my district, the students, and the parents handled the situation. I reviewed again the procedure, just in case though, and I’m sure my dreams tonight will be vivid as a result. Scary.

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