Esperanza = Hope

Here’s an update on Esperanza the Wonder Dog (her temporary name):

1. She is doing fantastically! I’m so proud of this girl and amazed by her strength!

2. She has had some water and even took food out of my hand today.

3. She has peed and pooped, which is a good sign, internal injury-wise, and wags her tail every time I come in the room. She’s not using her back legs, but she is scooting herself around a little bit, and loves to give kisses and nuzzles.

4. She’s even fighting me when I give her pain pills!

She’s a spunky gal– her family must be pretty lucky people. I hope we can find them soon. Please keep sharing her story with everyone you know!

P.S.– Interesting fact: Did you know that providing medical care for a dog you don’t own can result in a lawsuit from the owner? Yeah, me neither.

P.P.S.– Bring it on. I’ve always wanted to meet Judge Judy.


3 thoughts on “Esperanza = Hope

    1. Hi Barry,

      I titled the post the way I did because that’s the temporary name I gave the dog. I watched her little body get hit twice, and not only did she survive, but she’s actually thriving, so I figure if she can handle that, there’s definitely hope for the rest of us. 🙂 Thanks for reading!!



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