Daily Record: Alive Again

After a week of being sick and alternating between cursing my tonsils and whining for my mother, (I really am the world’s biggest weinie) I’m starting to feel like myself again. I’m not 100% yet, but I’m getting there, and today has been quite productive.

Ozzie and I * did about a million loads of laundry, including a bunch of blankets from my bed that BK, in what I’m hoping was a one-time loss of control, peed on. (In my mind, the situation involves Timmy telling a really funny joke and BK saying “stop, stop, I’m gonna pee”… and then Timmy cracks another one and BK loses it. I’ve created this scenario because I don’t want to face what is likely the reality: BK being sick again. Also, Timmy is quite the catmedian.)

We also went to the dog park for the third day straight– Oz is pooped. After being cooped up with me all week, he had a lot of energy to burn. I love watching him run unrestrained while he makes new friends, and I’ve come to a conclusion: the Bark Park (cute, huh?) is one of the best places in Yuma.

Tomorrow it’s back to school. I’ve missed my kids; hopefully, the feeling is mutual. (Is it strange that I can’t use the word “mutual” without craving Young Frankenstein?**)

*Note: When I say “Ozzie and I did laundry”, I’m not being cute. He pretty much goes with me everywhere, and he gets excited when he sees me load up a laundry basket because he knows where we’re headed. That’s one of the perks of living in a pet-friendly complex. 

**Note: You should definitely check out this link. And watch the movie. And invite me. (I’ll bring the popcorn!) 


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