Daily Record: Dog Parks and Classes Galore

Oz and I set a goal this year to go to the dog park at least four times a week. Today we went around 6, and that seems to be the magic hour. There were about twenty dogs gallomping around, and Oz was in heaven. He had a great time sniffing butts, marking trees, and playing chase.

After the dog park I came home for a date with destiny…. and by destiny, I mean the five classes I get to ace this semester. (Positive thinking all the way!) I’m less than excited to manage this course load on top of trying to be a great teacher, with all that entails, but positivity (and no sleep good time management) will prevail, I’m sure of it.

Wish me luck!

P.S.: “positivity” is a word, right?

P.P.S: As a writing teacher, I reserve the right to make up words, so the answer to the above post script is “Yes of course, oh brilliant one!”

P.P.P.S.: Actually, the answer to everything I ask should be “Yes of course, oh brilliant one!” Get on that, would you?

P.P.P.P.S.: “Gallomping?” Definitely a word. See the P.P.S. for clarification.



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