Daily Record: I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Highlights of my trip home:

  • Oz and Timmy conspiring to run in opposite directions as I propped open the front door to drag out my suitcase at 0300… chase ensued and much merriment was had by all, except for me.
  • Watching for “pwanes” with Brookie, my cousin’s little girl, who is high on the list of cutest kiddos ever.
  • My hair did not get its own pat-down today. I was almost disappointed. Is it less voluminous than the last time I flew?
  • I sat next to Smokey the Psychologist on my first flight. She stunk of smoke so strongly that it stung my eyes, but she was quite the conversationalist and I enjoyed flying with her. I like people who chat on planes. It makes the time fly.
  • Smokey the Psychologist taught me a neat trick with American Airline’s headrests—something I never would have figured out on my own. They bend in on the ends to give your head a steady place to rest! Who knew?! This nifty little secret made it possible for me to sleep through my second flight without the dreaded neck-crick.
  • I sat in the waiting area with two older ladies from Toledo with matching cell phones. They were engrossed in sharing music and games, and were clearly very pleased with themselves for mastering the technology. It made me smile.
  • Two words: Puddle. Jumper. (I LOVE the teeny-tiny planes that feel almost like riding a roller coaster).
  • Landing in Toledo and greeting my momma at the curb with a big hug, and knowing that I have two whole weeks at home, and I might (fingers crossed) even get to see some snow made me feel like singing, despite the fact that I’d been up since o’dark thirty.
  • On the drive home, while catching up with my moms, I couldn’t help noting all the familiar sights and losing myself in memories.
  • Gus and Grovie were SO excited to see me!!


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