Numbering the Stars: The Real Music of Christmas

Each night during our walk, my dog Ozzie and I number the stars, and each star is like counting off a blessing or message from Father. I like to record them here.

I love Christmastime, and I love Christmas music. Truly, truly I do. I look forward to the month we get to sing Christmas hymns all year long. But when it comes to the secular Santa/reindeer/eggnog type of Christmas music, my feelings are mixed. It’s fun– for the first few days of December. And then, I’m done. (With the exception of “I Wanna Hippopotamus for Christmas”. That I could listen to all year round.) I just prefer the spiritual carols– they put me in the Christmas spirit rather than the consumerist spirit, and they’re beautiful.

That’s why this year I’m especially grateful that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has made free Christmas music available. Ten Christmas favorites that I can play again and again. That and my “O Holy Night” Pandora station have me singing in the shower, on the way to work, and even while grading papers. Merry Christmas to me!


2 thoughts on “Numbering the Stars: The Real Music of Christmas

  1. I just want a hula hoop. I can hardly stand the wait. Please, Santa don’t be late. There is just something about those chipmonk voices. Besides it is better than Grandma being run over by a reindeer. Love,Grandma ha ha.



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