Numbering the Stars: Timmyness

Every night, as I walk my dog, I like to number the stars. I think of each one as a special message of love from my Heavenly Father to me. And each night, I count an additional star for a blessing I’ve received that day.

Timmy’s adventures today have reminded me of just how much I love him. I’m so grateful that he’s my cat; he’s very special. He has more personality than any cat I’ve ever known, and the cat-rabbit-dog combination assures that he, like Mary Poppins, is practically perfect in every way. I’m blessed to be his mother.


He’s always had a thing for bags and boxes. Image

As a kitten, Timmy used to love to ride around this way with my ex husband.Image

And he’s always been a big snugger. 


Like I said.. full of personality. Image

He’s such a lover. Here he is with Amanda, his other mother. 



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