Daily Record: Timmy vs. Dog

I got a frantic call around 9:30 tonight. Apparently, the dog of a couple who live in my apartment complex got loose and attacked Timmy, who was outside doing hunting patrolling doing cat stuff. I guess the dog had him in his mouth and shook him pretty viciously before his owners were able to get Timmy away. I’m trying not to picture that too closely.

I took Timmy home to examine him, and when we got inside, Ozzie was immediately alerted that something was wrong, and came over to check it out, which caused Timmy to let loose the most feral growl I’ve ever heard. I think he and dogs will be on the outs for awhile.

After a talk with the vet, I checked him out.

  • Gums: pink
  • Breathing: normal
  • Puncture wounds or lacerations: none
  • Pupil dilation: normalish (I’m terrible at judging this)
  • Broken bones: probably not.

The vet told me to let him rest tonight, since it doesn’t sound like an emergency, and bring him in tomorrow. So we’ll see. Hopefully he’ll be fine. Keep your fingers crossed!



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