Numbering the Stars: One More Star in the Sky


Every night, as I walk my dog, I like to number the stars. I think of each one as a special message of love from my Heavenly Father to me. And each night, I count an additional star for a blessing I’ve received that day.



An old friend passed away yesterday. Her name was Melissa, and she was my age. We grew up going to church functions together, and I was blessed to be able to serve as her Relief Society President before my marriage.

Melissa had Huntington’s Disease, and her condition had worsened steadily over the years. She didn’t have much time on earth, and her disease made that time look different than most girls her age, but she had the sweetest, most welcoming spirit of anyone I’ve ever met. Everyone who crossed her path was a friend, and there was not a single unkind bone in her body.

Today, I’m thankful for my beliefs. I know that Melissa has returned home to be with Father, as well as her earthly father and her brother, who had the same disease. I have an image in my head of Melissa smiling and waving to long-lost friends as she embraces Father, and I have no doubt that He’s glad she’s home.



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