Daily Record: Exhaustion

It’s nearly the weekend, which is good, because I’m all tuckered out. The problem with my job is that I love it, so at night, when I’d like to be sleeping, my brain entertains itself by going over and over the millions of things I can (and should) do to be a better teacher.

It’s true that teachers need to be paid more, but I wouldn’t mind taking my pay raise in the form of extra waking hours so that my brain could stop worrying about lesson plans and retests and lunch detentions…

In other news, the new copier and I have begun what I hope will be a long and committed relationship. He does things I never dreamed a copier could do, and he does them quickly and reliably. I think I’m in love. (Actually, since this is the first day of our relationship, I’m probably just infatuated, but either way I’m definitely over the old model.)



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