The One in Which I Become a Begging Cougar

It occurred to me (after a scolding from Gramma Hilty) that I haven’t updated my blog in awhile. I don’t have any deep musings for today, because my brain is scattered in a million directions at the moment, but I have a few updates:

1. I got a job! Not just any job– it’s the PERFECT job for me! I’ll be teaching 8th grade writing at Crane Middle School in Yuma, AZ this fall. I’m so so so excited! I’ll elaborate later on the multitude of things that make this position perfect for me, I promise. For now, just know that I’m a proud Crane Cougar!

2. I’m moving to Yuma! They need me there ASAP, so I’m reporting for Orientation on Tuesday. This Tuesday. So I’ll be leaving Utah on Saturday to start this next chapter. I can’t wait!

3. I’ve really enjoyed my time in Riverton. It’s been great to spend time with family members I don’t generally get to see, meet new and amazing people, and chill a little bit.

4. I am incredibly lucky to be headed to Yuma, where I have a large support system of fellow teachers. My AZTF peeps will be charged with the immense job of keeping me sane this upcoming year. They’re pretty awesome; I know they’re up to the task.

5. I am now officially collecting school supplies and books for my classroom this fall. I’ll be teaching in a high-needs school, and my classroom library will be a key part of my curriculum and invaluable to my students, many of whom don’t have access to books in other facets of their lives. Since I’m a poor teacher and all, I’m soliciting your help. Any books, no matter how used, from a 4th grade reading level and up would be super-helpful. School supplies too. Send ’em my way, friends!

6. I won’t likely be back in Ohio for awhile– most likely Christmas break. You’ll miss me, I know. Try not to shed too many tears.

7. I’m excited. Thrilled. Shocked. Terrified. Nervous. Confident… and overwhelmed. I’m sort of a study in contradictions at the moment, while my brain spins like a top out of control, but mostly, I’m excited. 😀



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